Yappily.com, a mobile app based platform building shopping communities, brings good people and great products together, both online and offline. They had organized a unique concept of “DeClutter Sale and Flea Market” in the city of Bengaluru, which was their 3rd such event. The event took place on 10th July, Sunday, at HAL convention center, between Marathahalli and Indiranagar. This exciting flea Market witnessed a footfall of more than 15,000 visitors within a day, with shoppers enjoying an amazing variety of products.

The event saw shopping enthusiasts across various age groups enjoying at the event. A lot of fun activities like Live Music Performances, Karaoke, Art and Pottery Workshops were organized. This flea market hosted more than 150 shops and sellers, to display their product and services through this platform.

With this unique platform, Yappily wishes to promote decluttering and handcrafted unique products in India. The event witnessed a variety of collections by declutterers, craftsmen, artisans, handcrafting specialists, etc. along with business makers at a home/ door-to-door level. These home-makers, talented craftsmen, and individual businesses had put up more than 1,00,000 products on display for sale. The collections comprised of various categories, like clothes, jewelry, home furnishing, artifacts, accessories, electronic goods and books etc. The event also offered competitive pricing, giving shoppers a chance to pick products at best offered rates, in any given categories, making this event a huge success.

The Co-Founders of Yappily, Mr. Rashmi R Padhy, Mr. Kamonasish Aayush Mazumdar and Mr. Rohit Kumar shared, “We are thrilled with the response we have received with our event. This was the third edition of the DeClutter Sale & Flea Market that Yappily has been organizing. The whole idea is to promote decluttering as a habit and using handcrafted unique items. People have a lot of products which they use once or twice and then keep it aside for some reason or other.  Similarly, there are thousands of talented individuals who make amazing handcrafted items, which are not easily discovered by people. We also wanted to give a platform to these talented professionals to showcase their creativity to a larger set of audiences. Hence, it is called “DeClutter Sale & Flea Market”.

Yappily.com_Decluttersale & Flea market sale (5)

This is not only economical, saving a lot of money for the buyer, it also encourages the masses to think responsibly about global warming and conservation of resources. We had specially hosted some young children from schools like Ravindra Bharathi Global School, to encourage and support our cause. We are hoping to bring much more such exciting events in the future; hoping people of Bangalore will love it.”

The concept for Yappily’s flea market, was to create an experience “Of the people, by the people, for the people”, making the company a platform that enables communities, conversations and commerce amongst trusted individuals for decluttering and handcrafted goods. With this event, the founders of Yappily have not only provided a platform for promoting decluttering as a concept but also giving handcrafted product sellers across the country, a medium to reach out to consumers.

Yappily.com is an android app (iOS version is coming soon), that provides a platform and connects buyers and sellers to interact and sell products through social communities. They do not come in between the buyers and sellers. However, they intend to curate and handpick some of the best sellers, giving them verified badges to increase trust and facilitate safe transactions.

About Yappily:

Yappily was founded in the year 2015, by Mr. Aayush Mazumdar (Marketing), Mr. Rashmi R Padhy (Product) and Mr. Rohit Kumar (Technology). The vision of the company is to bring together good people and great products (both handcrafted & decluttering), across different communities and cities.


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