Bangalore, July 8, 2016: – Going far beyond its expected growth,, an online home rental aggregator & management startup, has achieved over 1000 property listings under its category ‘Zenify Homes’. The glorious milestone has been achieved in just 4 months since the launch of this service, enabling the company to play a key role in standardizing the rental residential property market in Bengaluru.

Launched in February this year, ‘Zenify Homes’ was introduced as a viable service to enable better management of residential buildings as well as ensuring maximum retention of tenants. It specifically caters its services to building owners/managers who may be encountering some difficulties in managing the premises or dealing with the residents.

Commenting on this accomplishment, Sudarshan Purohit, CEO & Co-founder, said, “We are extremely delighted to have achieved this milestone in such short span of time. With our management services gaining prominence in individual rental properties, we knew it was time to introduce a new category which can exclusively assist residential building owners to supervise their property effectively. We are happy to know that more and more building supervisors are now utilizing our services to improve the overall management of their property, and we hope to maintain this growth in the near future as well.”

Elaborating further on this achievement, Shantakumar S. Harlapur, Manager – Sales, said, “This milestone is very crucial for as it has helped us gain strong foothold in real estate market. With ‘Zenify Homes’, the company has been able to tap into a segment within this industry which was previously ignored. Poor management, maintenance, and/or lack of secondary services are just some of the reasons why most residential building lose potential tenants. However, with our comprehensive management services, most building owners have now been able to turn their properties into one of the most sought after among renters.”

Under this category, takes full responsibility of managing a property. Some of its services include – Waste management, 24/7 security, Housekeeping, Bill payments, and other maintenance services as and when required.


Zenify is India’s only complete Home Aggregator and Rental Management Startup. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the technology-driven startup, has simplified home rentals with technology. Through Zenify’s unique ZRP (Zenify Rental Price), Zenify brings in standardization for home rentals. ZRP is a fixed rental price for each property that is available for rent, the price is fixed based on its localities and demands. F



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